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Fuel Efficient RVs

Fuel Efficient Motorhome and RV Options
Posted May 5 2009 10:22 AM by Larry S. Saavedra 
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2008 Fleetwood Icon RV

Well, it's been a tough few months trying to get the premier issue of RV magazine off my desk and onto the newsstand, but this May you will find it nationwide. Look for it in Borders, WalMart and Barnes and Noble.

 I didn't create this blog to promote the magazine as much as I did to inform the RV community of some of the things that never make it in print.

For instance, just got back from Paso Robles and wrote a feature on Fleetwood's new diesel powered RV the 2008 Icon, based on on the Sprinter chassis with a Mercedes 3.0-liter engine. What makes the Icon so significant is that it gets really good mileage for an RV...up to 18 miles per gallon! Now when compared to your passenger car that doesn't really shine, but put it up against the typical RV and you really start to see how revolutionary the Icon is.

I spoke with Fleetwood's marketing director about the Icon after my trip through the vineyards of Paso Robles and told her how remarkably agile the Icon was during our drive. Fleetwood is one of only a few RV manufacturers here that are learning a thing or two about fuel conservation from the Europeans. You see, fuel prices in Europe are even higher than in the U.S. and they have been RVing in diesel powered "compact-sized" Class Cs like Icon for years.

Fuel economy in Europe is a major concern...and if you believe anything that Gore says (read the book before you make up your mind), it's time we do something about global warming and our reliance on fossil fuels. That's what makes the diesel-engine Icon so appealing. What's next for us? Maybe bio-diesel RVs. Think about it, after you have your dinner inside the RV you can just pour that used vegetable oil into the fuel tank and drive away. Talk about reducing your carbon footprint!

So there you have it, some inside information that never really made it to print. More on the Icon soon. And hopefully more about alternative fuel choices.


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